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Howdy, I'm Amit. Welcome to my website!

I've been writing for the web for about four years now and I'm passionate about my trade. I help people market their products on the web. Brand promotion, search engine optimization, digital and content marketing, you name it, I do it.

Please note: I am currently working full time and not available for freelance work.

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About Me


I am Amit and welcome to my website. I am a writer by day, dreamer by night. Workaholic, knowledge hungry, web addicted. Introvert is my middle name.

I hail from Kolkata, the city of joy. I currently work at LinkedIn, Delhi.


  • Tech Writing.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Web  marketing.
  • Startups.
  • Guitar.


  • Have a dream.
  • Learn continuously.
  • Do stuff. Fail. Learn. Repeat.
  • Read like there is no tomorrow.
  • Travel. Meet new people.


  • Books.
  • Guitar
  • Chess.
  • Indian Mythology.
  • Trolling.

I believe that I have power of expert to help you succeed and I’m feeling free to think of my future colleagues as a brilliant and creative team.

My Career
Product Support Specialist – SlideShare / LinkedIn

Product Support Specialist – SlideShare / LinkedIn

August 2013 to Present

My latest stint is with SlideShare / LinkedIn as a Product Support specialist. I work closely with SlideShare’s core engineering team, product and marketing managers and help shape the largest content marketing platform on the web.

SlideShare is the best platform for sharing presentations, documents, ideas and thoughts. Working at SlideShare has been an amazing experience, you get to work in a lean startup, fast paced environment, agile team. And since SlideShare is now an integral part of LinkedIn, you get to see the best of both worlds – working in a startup as well as being part of a bigger umbrella.

The team.


Technical Writer (Growth Strategist) – Adaptavant

Technical Writer (Growth Strategist) – Adaptavant

August 2012 - Present

At Adaptavant, my role is to curate and develop content for web applications (see my portfolio for more details). My role involves ensuring organic growth and online marketing of B2B products that works on a SaaS model. Email marketing, Newsletter promotions, Search engine optimization, content development, online branding and user acquisition is my core focus.


Tech Newsletter Contributor – WorldStart

Tech Newsletter Contributor – WorldStart


I was a freelance newsletter contributor to WorldStart tech newsletter. I contributed 75 editions and worked with the editors for 2 years.

Writer – WebbROI

Writer – WebbROI


WebbROI is a full stack internet marketing and website development company based out of California, US. At WebbROI’s blog, I wrote about search engine optimization, internet marketing, Google’s algorithmic updates and best practices for creating Google friendly sites. I also did a substantial amount of Ghost writing as a freelancer.

Ghost Writer – Single Grain

Ghost Writer – Single Grain

Jan 2012 - Aug 2012

Single Grain is a digital marketing and SEO agency based out of San Francisco, USA. I worked for Single Grain as a Ghost writer for a brief period of time, before deciding to take up a full time position at a different company.

Freelance Writer – Veedda

Freelance Writer – Veedda

Sept 2011 - Aug 2012

Veedda is an SEO company based out of Israel. I have worked with Veedda as a freelance ghost writer, covering Internet marketing, technology, SEO and digital marketing niche.

Techie Buzz – Staff Writer

Techie Buzz – Staff Writer

August 2009 to August 2012

I was a contributing editor at Techie Buzz, one of the most popular technology blogs around the web. At Techie Buzz, I was responsible for covering breaking stories related to technology, Google, search engines and new media. I also wrote editorials and opinion pieces which were very popular among readers and the tech community, in general (e.g some of my stories were featured in TechMeme).

I wrote close to 400 stories on Techie Buzz, check my author profile here.



Founded Ampercent

Founded Ampercent

2009 -2013

I co-founded Ampercent at early 2009. It’s a technology blog where I enjoy writing about computer software, How to guides, personal technology, gadgets, social media and the day to day internet culture. The goal of this site is to provide useful tips, tricks and lifehacks which makes day to day computing simpler. I started this blog when I was doing my post graduation in computer applications. I continue to write there but since I am currently working full time, my schedules are tight. These days, I don’t write regularly but I do write once in a while.

I also run a video podcast channel at YouTube. Check it out



20 May

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26 Mar

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27 Feb

So I have been playing around with Treehouse for a couple of months, learning new stuff related to programming, design and other things. I have tried other online tutorial websites before but the experiences were not as rewarding. Sites likeRead more

17 Jan

2013 has been a special year for me in more ways than one. Not as challenging as 2012 but mostly, fun. A few hiccups down the road, few stumbles, and some cherished memories. More importantly, 2013 gaved me more avenuesRead more

4 Jan

Polygamy and Polyandry is a recurring theme in the Mahabharata. We see co-wives and co-husbands, brothers from multiple fathers exist at one place. Not to be generalized under a sexual umbrella, but the criss cross pairing of couples in MahabharataRead more

30 Nov

I am turning 28 in a few months. That’s quite some age and I have been thinking of the myths that surround our lives. I passed out of school exactly 10 years ago and had some myths in my mindRead more

17 Nov

Cross posted from my Quora page Question: What  do people mean, when they say that ‘Everyone can learn something from  Mahabharata in all times to come’? What   management & leadership  traits / skills can I learn from   Mahabharata, that IRead more

18 Oct

Many people have this false perception that Mahabharata is misogynistic and that women are depicted as “objects” and are not given their due respect or power of authority (this is largely due to the Draupadi’s disrobing incident). This ain’t trueRead more

7 Aug

Cross posted from my Quora page Every time I relocate to a new place for work, I am asked this question – “Oh, so you’re a Bengali, that’s interesting. We have this guy who is also from Calcutta.. I meanRead more

31 Jul

Few days back, I moved to New Delhi for work reasons. I am basically from Calcutta but was working for a startup at Chennai. The biggest problem of relocating to a new city – hunt down a place where youRead more

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